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We want it simple!!!

CampInn’s motto is:

“Simplifying Journeys to Nature”

Adventures with Nature

Nature is vast and offers endless opportunities for adventure and fuel to the soul and mind.

Nature is here to share, to enjoy and to bring you closer to yourself and your loved ones.

Our Planet is the only one we have and we are dependent on its health, so lets learn to love it by getting out to nature

CampInn is here to enable you to get outdoors, explore Mother Nature and give love back to our Planet.

CampInn’s mission

Enable anyone, novice or experienced, to discover nature and the outdoors, through facilitating camping and other outdoors activities and services, in a simple, honest and friendly way.

How it happened?

I have a childhood passion for travel. Growing up around the World, living in Asia as a child and learning to love the outdoors and what it can provide for the mind, the body and the soul.

Over the years, I have fallen in love with the outdoor experiences. I motorided through Australia with only a back pack and a tent; Walked the deserts in the Middle East; And qualified as a Master Scuba Diver…to share a few.

To experience nature one only needs to be in it. This doesn’t necessarily require well in advance planning…

Last year I went on a camping trip for the summer with my family. I then realized, that traveling alone, or traveling in a group, are very different experiences, and require very different planning. I was for the first time faced with a need to plan ahead: where shall we go, where shall we camp; how do I find availability; what other services are available; etc. Traveling through a number of countries in Europe, camping with my 3 little kids did not prove as easy as traveling alone on a motorbike…just living the moment.

So I decided to do something about it. I left my suited job in the office, and decide to set up CampInn.

Months of research, surveys and trips brought the conclusion that to “Simplify Adventures to Nature” has to start with campsites.

Campsites, in their different forms, exist for hundreds of years (maybe even more) and where they don’t exist it is simple to invite people and stay at a private ground for a small fee.

CampInn is here to provide a platform for people to make it easier to go outdoors, connect with nature, and enjoy new experiences…without the hassle.


CampInn aspires to connect travelers (we call them CampInners) and campsites (we call them HostInners) through simplified communications and instant booking.

So whether sitting at home planning your next trip (well in advance) or while on the road and looking for a place at the last minute (safely on the side of the road), the CampInner can identify and book their next camping experience through our platform – easy, fast, simple.


If you have available grounds, campsite, a part of it, or just somewhere flat to lay a tent or two just sign up, upload the most relevant information and pictures and start managing the availability through the HostInner’s “Back Office”.

All HostInners are equal in our CampInn World.

Come and Join Us.
And please contact us with suggestions.
We will be happy to hear from you.
CampInn tel: +44 20 3239 5860