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FAQ - CampInners

At CampInn we promote the outdoor experience by direct and simple booking methods.Please refer to? About us? and you? ll find all about CampInn.

CampInner is the person who loves nature, the outdoor, the adventure, the trickle of water and animal sounds.A CampInner is you, the person who comes and finds the suitable campsite for your next trip.

We have simplified the process for you.You choose the dates, choose your method of stay (caravan/tent/etc.) and geographical area and you will see the available campsites.You will also find suggestions for alternatives and what to do in the area of each campsite.

We are so glad you have found a place you desire! No more emails, calls or arriving to the campsite with uncertainty! Simply choose your desired available campsite and dates, and within few clicks you become a CampInner. Once all information is in, you will receive a unique Reference Number of your reservation(also through email), to be shown upon your arrival to the chosen campsite. That?s it! You have ?Simplified your Journey to Nature?!

We work with Stripe, where all of payment details are stored and processed.

For now you will pay at the end of your stay at the campsite?s front desk.Your payments details are only to secure your reservation and you will not be charged when making the reservation!

Since the campsites is a business they have their own cancellation rules, therefore, we secure your payment details.Don't forget to cancel in time or show up to your reservation to avoid any unwanted charges. You can find the campsite? s cancelation rules available on the campsite?s page.

CampInn does not charge any reservation fee from the CampInner.

Q&A - HostInners

Anybody with a campsite can sign up and become a HostInner. You may have a commercial or private ground to host CampInners(all of course subject to local regulations which are your responsibility). We will be happy to have you join CampInn with 1,2 half or all of your available spaces.You choose. Don't forget you need to keep your availability updated at all times, for CampInners to know when they can reserve a place and arrive.

We are glad you want to join CampInn as a HostInn! On the CampInn homepage, just click? Become a Host? and provide your contact details and tell us a bit about your campsite, and we will do everything for you.

CampInn does not charge any recurring fees! We only charge our fees upon a successful reservation made through CampInn, subject to the T&C.

CampInn provides HostInners with a Back Office, where we provide management tools to manage the availability of camping spaces and more.It is your responsibility to update it on a regular basis. CampInners will rely on your availability published by you on CampInn.

Once a CampInner has made a reservation to your campsite, you will be notified with a unique Reference Number via email and Back Office.The Reference Number can be matched with the CampInner arriving to you on the date of stay.Reservations made based on your managed availability cannot be cancelled.

In such unfortunate case, please contact us and we will execute the security fees.

For now the CampInner will pay directly to you upon arrival or end of the stay, it is up to you.