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Hi! We’re CampInn.com, an online booking site for outdoor lovers, campers, families, friends, digital nomads, remote workers, vanlifers, adventurers and more, on a mission to “Simplify Journeys to Nature”.

Nature is vast, beautiful and precious. It offers endless opportunities for adventure and fuel for the mind, body and soul. And what better way to explore and reconnect with nature than to camp amongst it all? That’s where we come in. CampInn.com is here to help you to get outdoors, explore Mother Nature and give love back to our planet.

We believe that anyone should be able to enjoy camping and that booking a campsite should be as quick and easy as booking a hotel for a night. Whether you’re sitting at home planning your next trip or on the road and looking for a last-minute place to stay, you should be able to find and book your next camping experience – easy, fast, simple.

Our story

CampInn.com was founded by Ido Perry (that’s me) in 2019. As someone who grew up all around the world, I quickly learned to love solo travel and camping and fell in love with outdoor experiences. As a young traveller I was able to explore Australia on a motorbike with only a backpack and a tent, trek the deserts in the Middle East, and master climbing, abseiling, and scuba diving – all from the comfort of a tent. All of this required minimal planning in advance, which, at the time, suited me perfectly.

However, everything changed in 2017 after I went on a summer-long camping trip with my wife and three young children. I quickly realised that solo travel and traveling as a group (especially as a family) are vastly different experiences and require very different planning. For the first time, I needed to do more planning ahead – but I still wanted to find the hidden places and keep that feeling of adventure.

‘Where shall we go’, ‘where shall we camp’, ‘how do I find availability’, and ‘what facilities and amenities are available’ suddenly became essential questions. I found booking camping sites to be a frustrating and time-consuming process given the distinct lack of online booking capabilities. It was difficult to book over the phone or via emails, and a few times we even arrived at a camping site that we thought we had reserved to find that there were no more spaces.

I knew I had to do something about it. When I returned, I left my suited job in the office and decided to set up CampInn.com, driven by the idea to “Simplify Journeys to Nature”. After months of research, surveys and trips of going door to door to campsites, CampInn took shape. What you see today is a platform that strives to make it easy for everyone to go outdoors, connect with nature, and enjoy new camping experiences.

But CampInn.com isn’t just a booking platform. It’s also a place for you and me to learn from and inspire each other. Whether you’re a camping ‘pro’ or ‘beginner’, whether you enjoy camping holidaysglamping holidaysadventure holidays or quick weekend getaways, we’re passionate about building a community of camping, glamping and nature enthusiasts who enjoy sharing personal storiestips and ideas. We promise to use this information to develop technologies that serve campsites and travellers equally.

I am proud that we now have a strong, diverse team of remote workers and digital nomads from Palestine, Israel, UK, Italy and other places around the world. Together we are building a company supported by industry experts who advise, invest and believe in CampInn.com.

Meet the team!

Ido Perry

Just let me travel and go outdoors to nature, have some adrenaline every so often and try the local food or cook a feast for the kids and friends
Mohit Singhal

Enjoy travelling, discovering new places and creating memories outdoors

Victoria Pollard

More glamper than camper – I’m always reenergised by being outdoors, having time to look around, chat around the campfire and breathe!
Stavit Faingold
Online paid campaigns

Although I’m a non-camping person, I still much prefer an outdoor adventure to a city break

Cristina Cernautanu
Business communication & B2B sales

Travel lover who enjoys discovering new places and cultures and chatting with local people. I’m a recent convert to glamping by need of nature contact and soon you’ll meet me parking my van next to yours 🙂
Shukri Khelfa
Software Engineer

The best camping experience is when I set my foot where no human went before!

Naji Al Jazzar
Software Engineer

I was underrating the camping experience, until my family pushed me to try it once. Now I’m keen to go for it every now and then!

Lola Pickford
Content, Social media and Comms

Once sure to be moaning about not another rainy family camping trip, I now jump at the chance to escape with my tent and my friends for the weekend

We’re also supported by a great team of seasoned advisors and investors from a mix of experiences and brands (including Expedia, Roomer, IBS, and HotelBeds) coming from the US, Europe, and Singapore.


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