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Coronavirus travel updates for campsites

Coronavirus travel updates for campsites

Doing it with you and for you

Staying in the outdoors is one of the safest ways for people to spend their holidays in these COVID-19 times. However, local situations are changing daily and may still interrupt your business. Your safety matters and we’re here to help.

Travelers, campers, nomads and vanlifers around the world are starting to plan and embark upon their next adventures. The trends are clear: the outdoors is the fastest-growing travel destination since the beginning of COVID-19. The trend has grown by more than 40% and we can also see that motorhomes and camper sales have increased by more than 30% since the summer of 2020. It is also clear that more people are camping for the first time and booking static accommodations such as mobile homes, glamping pods, cabins, chalets and more.

Our mission is to ‘Simplify Journeys to Nature’ and we promise that we will offer you support, tools and new capabilities so your business can recover faster and succeed.

What are travellers looking for?

Health and safety

Research shows that businesses with clear health and hygiene policies saw an increase of 11% more reservations compared to those without. That is why we are working on new capabilities to help you showcase what you have in place. We encourage you to make your guests feel confident that their stay will be safe, clean and comfortable.

Safe payment

Choose social distancing. You can stop guests from paying at the front desk and choose the cashless payment option, via us. You can also decide that they should check-in and check-out without stopping at the front desk. Email us at support@campinn.com to make this happen.

Cleanliness & disinfecting

Indicate the measures you are taking to make your guests feel comfortable. Indicate that you offer wipes, follow the specific local regulations, offer hand sanitizer and sanitary stations, for instance.

Food & drinks

Is your restaurant closed for indoor dining but still offering food and drinks for takeaway? Is your convenience store open for business with plenty of safety measures in place? Can you offer them outdoor ‘Room service’?


Show your guests in their native language that you care about their safety by listing the hours you’ve cleaned common areas, where the hand sanitation stations are, where they should keep their distance and more. Download the signs here, brand the signs with your logo and post them where needed.

It’s important to…

Showcase your measures

Showcase your efforts by logging in to your ‘Back Office’, going to the COVID safe section and selecting the measures you are currently taking. These will be displayed in a dedicated section on your campsite page and people will find you high up in the list of available search filters.

Additional measures you have taken should also be mentioned. You can refer to the United Nations Environment Programme handbook list.

Be flexible

Your guests need flexibility right now. Each booking is dependent on different factors, such as the country of origin, the arrival date, the reason for traveling and the destination country. These factors may change without prior notice. Therefore your flexibility and understanding is more important than ever, in order to attract more customers and good reviews. Half of the travelers said being able to cancel for free is a must. You can update your cancellation policies or offer discounts here. Email us at support@campinn.com if you need any help.

Keep your availability up to date

Trends have changed. If you were used to receiving reservations well in advance, be aware that more and more travellers are booking things last minute. Please keep your availability up to date at all times. You can do this manually in your CampInn.com ‘Back Office’ or automatically, by integrating your calendar with ours through iCal or by synchronising with us via your PMS or Channel Manager. Find instructions on how to do so here.

Who are your new and old guests?


Not all borders are open. Therefore there are more domestic guests and domestic travel is the first option for the outdoor traveler. These usually seek out nature, beaches, and outdoor activities. Provide them the option to seclude, they have been closed up for a long time, they need the fresh air.


The trend of sustainability is growing and people are more aware of the environment and looking to book sustainable holidays abroad, such as camping holidays. Many travelers are booking domestically in multiple places for the same dates, but when borders open, they will cancel and will go cross-border and explore your campsite and local area. Log in to your profile, go to ‘my campsite’ and add things to do in your area to attract those who can travel internationally.

Remote worker

Many companies such as Google and CampInn.com are choosing to keep their employees safe by working from home. These also plan to have their employees work from home even after COVID-19. Younger generations are leading the trend of people wanting to work from different locations rather than from their homes. With offices closed, they are taking off to new destinations around the world and taking their work with them. You should be ready to cater for these people with suitable facilities (e.g., broadband Wi-Fi, places to sit in the shade or safe from the rain). We expect this trend to continue. Offer your facilities and services to host these guests who will build your recurring revenue. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guide

We’ve put together a COVID-19 guide to help you manage your business, meet international standards and make your guests feel comfortable.